November 15, 2023
Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin

Meeting the challenges of growing your business

Having raised funds for your business, through bootstrapping, angel investors, grants, debt finance, private equity or venture capitalists, you now have to face the challenges of growing your business. As well as dealing with sales, marketing, cash flow and financial management you also need to ensure you have the right talent to ensure success. 

Topics include:

  • The impact of international tech recruitment slowdowns on global and local markets
  • ESG – an increasingly important element of any fundraising decision
  • Why integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives into your organisation’s overall strategy and culture is good for business. 
  • Do new businesses set up by women meet old biases when raising funds? We hear from some investors who are trying to change that!
Investor, BGF
Managing Partner, Furthr (invited)
CEO, Inclusion

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